Greetings! Welcome to our much-loved and close-knit Brainy Brats family! Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and showing interest in our Enchanting English Isle. In case you desire to take up our franchise, please click on the link given below and answer the set of questions as specifically as possible. The objective of this exercise is to get to know you, hopefully our future teachers, as intimately as we can. You may copy and paste the questionnaire on a Word document, answer the same and send it to us as an attachment along with your resume (preferably with your photograph) to at the earliest. If you are experiencing any impediments with regards to this section, please send us an email on the very same id.

Here’s hoping we are able to build a long-lasting and mutually rewarding relationship! 

  1. How did you discover Brainy Brats? (At least 1 sentence)
  2. What precisely do you know about Brainy Brats? (At least 2 sentences)
  3. How would you describe yourself as a person? (At least 5 sentences)
  4. How would you describe yourself as a teacher? (At least 5 sentences)
  5. How would you describe your journey with the English Language? (At least 3 sentences)
  6. Describe your equation with children. (At least 3 sentences)
  7. Why do you wish to take up the Brainy Brats Franchisee? (At least 3 sentences)
  8. Which area/city do you intend to operate from? (At least 1 sentence)
  9. What facilities would you be able to provide under the Brainy Brats’ banner? (At least 2 sentences)
  10. As a Brainy Brats Centre Head, what measures do you intend adopting to create awareness about the Brainy Brats Courses? (At least 2 sentences)

(P.S. We have already zeroed in on our new center heads for 2018-2019 and will not be offering any more franchise opportunities for this academic year. We thank you profusely for your interest in Brainy Brats!)